Sunday, December 30, 2018


Vesica Piscis/The Sacrament. Watercolor, ink, gouache, and gold leaf on Arches paper. 18" x 24". 2018. 

"Religious deities are often shown inside the vesica piscis, or mandorla, in artwork, as if they are looking into this world from another...

The vesica is a symbol of the spiritual portal, which emerges from the harmonious balance of the Great Polarities: intuition and intellect, knowledge and practice, yin and yang, heart and mind, heaven and earth, spirit and science, male and female, etc. The vesica piscis is literally a spiritual portal. It is through this portal that we enter into this dimension. This spiritual portal is the yoni (the female delta, the vulva, the vagina). Without this portal, we have no life. There is no other entrance into this world but through this portal."

-Excerpt from Astrotheology and Shamanism, Christianity's Pagan Roots, by Jan Irwin and Andrew Rutajit

Saturday, December 1, 2018